Pet Dermatology to Treat Skin Conditions & Allergies

We provide treatment for conditions such as skin parasites, hair loss, licking of the feet, and diseases of the nails, ears, and skin. Allergy testing including food elimination diets may be recommended.

If your pet is itching, biting, or scratching more than usual, they could be suffering from a fungal or bacterial infection and or allergy. Our veterinarians can address the underlying cause as well as provide instant relief from pain and itch. Diagnostic testing can be done in our clinic to precisely identify the allergy or skin condition affecting your pet and take immediate action to start the healing process. Although not a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Zinderman has a special interest in veterinary dermatology and is one of the highest-rated local veterinarians with many years of experience. Our promise to you is that your furry loved one will receive the most professional service and compassionate care. Indian Street Animal Clinic offers high-quality service with affordable pricing. This is why our clients rave about us!

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